Lobbying Activity Report


Organization: Canadian Medical Association
Associated registration: 2116-782-16
Lobbying Activity date: 2021-03-10
Arranged a meeting: No
Posted date: 2021-04-15

In-house lobbyists who participated in the lobbying activity: Jasmine Neeson Footnote1
Romeo Tello Footnote1
Senior Public Office Holders who were lobbied in this activity: Alex MacDonald, Senior Ministerial Advisor
Subject Matter of the Lobbying Activity
Specific Topics of Lobbying Communications Intended Outcomes Associated Subject Matters
Increased funding from the federal government to the provinces/territories to support primary health care services, addressing backlog, and support for the federal commitment for national standards for long term care.
  • Development, establishment, amendment or termination of any program, policy, directive or guideline of the government of British Columbia or a Provincial entity
Health, Taxation and Finance
Senior officer who filed this Lobbying Activity Report: Tim Smith
The above name is that of the most senior paid officer who is responsible for filing a Lobbying Activity Report for the organization (the Designated Filer), whether that person participated in this lobbying activity or not.
  1. Footnote1  Indicates new information that was added through a Lobbying Activity Report.

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