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This version of the registration was submitted prior to the Lobbying Transparency Act coming into force on May 4, 2020. Due to different information requirements at that time, the registration is presented in the following format.

Registration ID: 1112436
Submitted by lobbyist on: May 25, 2010 12:00:00 AM
Accepted by Registrar on: May 25, 2010 12:56:14 PM

Designated Filer Information

Aurich, Roland  
1550 Appleby Line  
Burlington, ON, L7L 6X7

Organization Information

Siemens Canada Ltd.  
With our outstanding innovative strength, our worldwide presence and our obligation to act sustainably, we provide answers to the toughest questions of our time. Our Industry Sector is the world's No. 1 supplier of manufacturing, transportation, building and lighting systems. With our end-to-end automation technologies and a comprehensive array of industry solutions, we're increasing the productivity, efficiency and flexibility of our customers in the industry and infrastructure segments. Our Energy Sector is the world's leading supplier of a wide range of products, solutions and services for power generation, transmission and distribution as well as for the production, conversion and transport of the primary fuels oil and gas. We're the only supplier worldwide with comprehensive knowhow encompassing the entire energy conversion chain and, in particular, plant-to-grid connections and other types of interfaces. We focus primarily on the requirements of energy utilities and industrial companies ¿ particularly those in the oil and gas industry. Our Healthcare Sector is one of the world's largest providers to the healthcare industry, offering solutions based on core competencies and innovative strengths in diagnostic systems, therapeutic technologies and knowledge processing ¿ including information technology and systems integration.
1550 Appleby Line  
Burlington, ON, L7L 6X7

Relevant Affiliates


Business Name Mailing Address Contact Information
Siemens AG Wittelsbacherplatz 2 80333

Phone: 0497976660

Government or Government Agency Funding

The organization does not receive any funding from a government or government agency.

Other Controlling or Directing Interests

The organization has no other controlling or directing interests.

Active Registration Period

May 25, 2010  
December 28, 2010  

Organization's In-House Lobbyists


Name: Steuart, Robert
May 25, 2010  
Inactivation Date: January 19, 2011

BC Public Office Background

This individual has not held any public office positions in BC.

Lobbying Activities


Arranging meeting between an individual and a public office holder for purpose of lobbying

Sales and marketing activities for sales of medical equipment

Target Contacts

Target Type Name Title or Constituency Date Added
Other Public Agency Contact BC Screening Mammography Program May 25, 2010
Other Public Agency Contact University of British Columbia May 25, 2010
Other Public Agency Contact Ministry of Health May 25, 2010
Minister Stilwell, Moira Minister of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development May 25, 2010
MLA Campbell, Gordon Vancouver-Point Grey May 25, 2010
Public Agency British Columbia Institute of Technology May 13, 2010
Public Agency Fraser Health Authority May 13, 2010
Public Agency Interior Health Authority May 13, 2010
Public Agency Northern Health Authority May 13, 2010
Public Agency Simon Fraser University May 13, 2010
Public Agency Vancouver Coastal Health Authority May 13, 2010
Public Agency Vancouver Island Health Authority May 13, 2010