Review Registration - Consultant

This version of the registration was submitted prior to the Lobbying Transparency Act coming into force on May 4, 2020. Due to different information requirements at that time, the registration is presented in the following format.

Registration ID: 34623102
Registration number: 1917-3135
Submitted by lobbyist on: October 10, 2017 02:59:08 PM
Accepted by Registrar on: October 10, 2017 03:35:01 PM

Lobbyist Information

Pantazopoulos, Dimitri  
680-650 West Georgia Street  
Vancouver, BC, V6B 4N7

BC Public Office Background

Public Office Title Description of Role From To
Assistant Deputy Minister Assistant Deputy Minister, Intergovernmental Relations and Trade Reported to DM Intergovernmental Relations. Responsible for Federal-Provincial and Interprovincial Relations and Coordination of Trade Missions 02/15/2012 05/22/2013
Political Staff Principal Secretary to the Premier 04/04/2011 02/14/2012

Lobbyist Firm Information

Maple Leaf Strategies, Inc.  
680-650 West Georgia Street  
Vancouver, BC, V6B 4N7

Client Information

Waste Connections of Canada Inc.  
Waste collection, management, disposal. Waste to energy production. Environmental services.
400 Applewood Crescent, 2nd Fl  
Vaughan, ON, L4K 0C3

Relevant Affiliates


Business Name Mailing Address Contact Information
Waste Conections Inc 400 Applewood Crescent
Vaughn, ON
L4K 0C3
Phone: 905-532-7510

Government or Government Agency Funding

The organization does not receive any funding from a government or government agency.

Other Controlling or Directing Interests

The organization has no other controlling or directing interests.

Undertaking Information

January 1, 2019  
December 31, 2020  

There are no other individuals engaged to lobby on this undertaking.

Lobbying Activities


Arranging meeting between an individual and a public office holder

Development, establishment, amendment or termination of any program, policy or decision

Introduction, modification or repeal of legislation, a bill or regulation

Decisions related to the establishment or repeal of any laws and regulations related to waste disposal services in the province, including by-law approvals and changes to the powers granted to municipalities. Municipal requests for granting licensing authority. Decisions to ensure the continuation of the collection and management of waste as an essential service during a provincial state of emergency.

Target Contacts

Target Type Name Title or Constituency Date Added
MLA Coleman, Rich Langley East October 10, 2017
MLA Hunt, Marvin Surrey-Cloverdale November 6, 2017
MLA Milobar, Peter Kamloops-North Thompson October 10, 2017
MLA Oakes, Coralee Cariboo North October 10, 2017
MLA Polak, Mary Langley October 10, 2017
Public Agency Environment and Climate Change Strategy December 1, 2017
Public Agency Office of the Premier January 7, 2019