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This version of the registration was submitted prior to the Lobbying Transparency Act coming into force on May 4, 2020. Due to different information requirements at that time, the registration is presented in the following format.

Registration ID: 50064211
Registration number: 8686-196
Submitted by lobbyist on: August 7, 2019 09:39:52 AM
Accepted by Registrar on: August 7, 2019 10:26:53 AM

Designated Filer Information

Penninga, Mark  
130 Albert Street Suite 1705  
Ottawa, ON, K1P 5G4

Organization Information

Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada  
ARPA Canada is a Christian advocacy organization with three main goals: educating and mobilizing Reformed Christians for political action, bringing a Christian perspective of political issues to the public, and bringing a Christian perspective on political issues to politicians at all levels. ARPA employees conduct research on issues; create policy reports, position papers, blogs, brochures, guides, and related material; disseminate these documents to Reformed Christians, the public, and politicians; and host and organize events to bring attention to political issues. While ARPA primarily focuses on a narrow range of issues, it is a non-partisan advocacy organization.
130 Albert Street Suite 1705  
Ottawa, ON, K1P 5G4

Relevant Affiliates

The client has no relevant affiliates.

Government or Government Agency Funding

The organization does not receive any funding from a government or government agency.

Other Controlling or Directing Interests

The organization has no other controlling or directing interests.

Active Registration Period

August 7, 2019  
February 7, 2020  

Organization's In-House Lobbyists


Name: Minderhoud, Levi
August 7, 2019  
Inactivation Date: February 21, 2020

BC Public Office Background

This individual has not held any public office positions in BC.

Lobbying Activities

Children and Families

Arranging meeting between an individual and a public office holder for purpose of lobbying

Introduction, modification or repeal of legislation, a bill or regulation

Contacted MLAs in the Fraser Valley to set up meetings with them for the purpose of introducing myself and ARPA and to begin to lobby regarding Bill M 218 - 2019; conducting research around Bill M 218 - 2019 (conversion therapy) and preparing a policy report on conversion therapy in preparation for lobbying activities

Target Contacts

Target Type Name Title or Constituency Date Added
MLA Coleman, Rich Langley East August 7, 2019
MLA de Jong, Mike Abbotsford West August 7, 2019
MLA Gibson, Simon Abbotsford-Mission August 7, 2019
MLA Hunt, Marvin Surrey-Cloverdale August 7, 2019
MLA Polak, Mary Langley August 7, 2019
MLA Throness, Laurie Chilliwack-Kent August 7, 2019