Tips and tricks for registering, making updates and searching

Who is required to register the consultant lobbyist?

Consultant lobbyists are legally responsible for registering their own lobbying activities.

Initial Registration

You have 10 days to register from the date you enter into your agreement to lobby on behalf of your client.  Each undertaking must have a separate registration.  That is, if you have five clients on whose behalf you are lobbying, you will register each of those five undertakings.  Among other information, you will need to include the date on which you entered into each undertaking to lobby and the date on which you expect each undertaking to end.

If you have engaged anyone to lobby with you on behalf of your client, you must list their name on your registration.  In addition, the other consultant lobbyist must also submit a registration to the Lobbyists Registry.

Making updates

If there are any changes to the information contained in your registration or updates to report, you have 30 days after the change occurs to update your registration.

For example, if your client’s name changes or your undertaking is extended, you are required to make the necessary changes to your registration.

If you lobby on new topics or arrange meetings with additional public office holders, you are required to make these updates to your registration.

Quick Tips Guide

Follow the instructions provided in the Quick Tips Guide for completing an initial registration or making updates.  Click here for the guide.

Searching the Registry

You can use the public search functionality to review any of your registrations to ensure they are accurate or to view any other registrations using this link.