Tips and tricks for registering, re-registering, making updates and searching

Who is required to register the organization?

The designated filer is the most senior paid officer in the organization.  She or he is legally responsible for registering all in-house lobbyists in the organization every six months, if the organization continues to meet the criteria for registering.

Initial Registration

If it is the first time your organization has been registered with the BC Lobbyists Registry, you have 60 days to register from the date your organization meets the 100 hours threshold. If an organization does not meet the 100 hours threshold, they can still be registered as long as there is some lobbying activity to report.


A registration is valid for six months.  After the end date of the registration is reached, you have 30 days in which to log in and re-register your organization if your organization continues to meet the 100 hours threshold.  The online Lobbyists Registry will automatically inform you when the deadline for re-registering is due.  For ease of re-registration, the information in Steps 1 through 4 in your previous registration will be presented to you as a template for re-registration.  You will be required to complete the names of your current in-house lobbyists and their lobbying details.

Making updates

If there are any changes in the information contained in your registration, you have 30 days after the change occurs to update the registration.  If an in-house lobbyist within your organization ceases to be an in-house lobbyist, you have 30 days to update the registration, indicating the change and date on which the change occurred.

Quick Tips Guide

Follow the instructions provided in the Quick Tips Guide for completing an initial registration, re-registering or making updates.  Click here for the guide.

Searching the Registry

You can use the public search functionality to review your organization’s registration or other registrations using this link.