Lobbying Activity Report


Organization: Urban Development Institute
Associated registration: 1811-3004-33
Lobbying Activity date: 2021-06-25
Arranged a meeting: No
Posted date: 2021-07-15

In-house lobbyists who participated in the lobbying activity: Jeff Fisher
Senior Public Office Holders who were lobbied in this activity: Stephanie Billingham, Planning and Land Use Coordinator
Planning and Land Use Management Branch, Municipal Affairs

Eric Nicholls, Manager, Planning and Land Use
Planning and Land Use Management Branch, Municipal Affairs
Subject Matter of the Lobbying Activity
Specific Topics of Lobbying Communications Intended Outcomes Associated Subject Matters
Seeking opportunities to work with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs on measures to help municipalities streamline their approvals processes.
  • Development, establishment, amendment or termination of any program, policy, directive or guideline of the government of British Columbia or a Provincial entity
Municipal Affairs
Senior officer who filed this Lobbying Activity Report: Anne McMullin
The above name is that of the most senior paid officer who is responsible for filing a Lobbying Activity Report for the organization (the Designated Filer), whether that person participated in this lobbying activity or not.

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