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Three recent changes to the Lobbyists Registry:

  1. Effective date question has been moved to the beginning of the process.
  2. How you enter political, sponsorship or recall contributions has changed. Click here for information.
  3. How you enter government funding has changed. Click here for information. Update: You can now save records as you go. This is particularly useful when updating existing funding entries which require the new date information.

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Please read carefully before proceeding.

  • Consultant Lobbyist: If you receive payment to lobby or arrange meetings on behalf of a client, you must create your own account to register lobbying activities with the Lobbyists Registry.
  • Organizations: If your functions as an employee, officer or director of an organization include lobbying of BC public office holders, and you receive remuneration of any kind, your organization must create an account to register lobbying activities within the Lobbyists Registry. For organizations, the most senior paid officer is required to create an account as the designated filer.

Note: If you had a registration in the BC Lobbyists Registry between 2010 and May 4, 2020 you can activate your account here.

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