Lobbying Activity Report


Designated Filer name: Tasha Sutcliffe
Client: Ecotrust Canada
Associated registration: 7293-3783-2
Lobbying Activity date: 2021-10-01
Arranged a meeting: No
Posted date: 2021-11-19

Senior Public Office Holders who were lobbied in this activity: Fin Donnelly, Parliamentary Secretary of Fisheries; MLA for Coquitlam-Burke Mountain
Agriculture, Food and Fisheries
Subject Matter of the Lobbying Activity
Specific Topics of Lobbying Communications Intended Outcomes Associated Subject Matters
Advocacy regarding the need to stop economic leakage in BC fisheries and recapture value of fish harvested for adjacent First Nations, communities, and their fish harvesters
  • Development of any legislative proposal by the government of British Columbia, a Provincial entity or a member of the Legislative Assembly
  • Development, establishment, amendment or termination of any program, policy, directive or guideline of the government of British Columbia or a Provincial entity

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