Lobbying Activity Report


Designated Filer name: Leila Farmer
Client: Vancouver Airport Authority
Was this lobbying activity a letter sent on behalf of one or more of the organizations listed as members of a coalition in your Registration Return? No
Associated registration: 7889-4564-8
Lobbying Activity date: 2023-08-18
Arranged a meeting: No
Posted date: 2023-09-15

Senior Public Office Holders who were lobbied in this activity: Chelsea Chalifour, Executive Director
Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills
Subject Matter of the Lobbying Activity
Specific Topics of Lobbying Communications Intended Outcomes Associated Subject Matters
Discuss aviation skills training opportunities.
  • Development, establishment, amendment or termination of any program, policy, directive or guideline of the government of British Columbia or a Provincial entity
Advanced Education, Transportation

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