General Information for individuals and the public

The Lobbyists Transparency Act promotes transparency in the lobbying process by requiring lobbyists to declare details of their lobbying activities on an online Lobbyists Registry. This information is available for the public to view free of charge at any time.

We welcome you to browse our Lobbyists Registry and read on for information about lobbying in BC.

The flowchart “Are You Lobbying? provides guidance for determining registration requirements for lobbying in BC.
This guide answers common questions about lobbying in BC, including when and how lobbyists need to register with the BC Lobbyists Registry.
The Lobbyists Registry provides the public the ability to perform searches and view reports and statistics related to lobbying activities reported through Registration Returns and Lobbying Activity Reports.
The Public office holders and the LTA guidance document answers some common questions public officer holders have about lobbying in BC.
The Guide to Investigations outlines the steps the ORL takes under the LTA in conducting investigations of apparent non-compliance with the LTA and the LTA Regulation.
This monthly update provides monthly summaries of lobbying activities that organizations and consultant lobbyists have or expect to carry out in BC.