Special Reports

From time to time, the Registrar of Lobbyists issues public reports on topics specific to lobbying and the Lobbyists Transparency Act.

Date Title Summary
Nov 05, 2013 Lobbying in British Columbia: Recommendations for changes to the Lobbyists Registration Act Building on the work outlined in Lobbying in British Columbia: The Way Forward, this report summarizes the results of an extensive consultation undertaken by the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists (“ORL”) on the status of lobbying regulation in British Columbia and recommends five amendments to the Lobbyists Registration Act (“LRA”).
Jan 21, 2013 Lobbying in British Columbia: The Way Forward Lobbyists are a natural part of the democratic landscape. And yet, lobbying is largely misunderstood by the public, and often mischaracterised. Lobbyists come from all walks of life. They are employees and contractors of non-profit associations seeking additional funding for out-of-school care, local businesses seeking changes in law enforcement policies, multinational corporations seeking to increase investment opportunities, chambers of commerce seeking business tax exemptions and environmental groups seeking to protect indigenous species of plants. They are employees and contractors of any organization seeking to influence public policy decisions.
Apr 23, 2012 Developing a code of conduct for lobbying in British Columbia The purpose of this paper is to stimulate thought and discussion amongst stakeholder groups and the general public about whether British Columbia should have a lobbyist code of conduct, and, if so, what effects it might have, and how such a code might best be enforced. We invite members of the public and interested stakeholders to participate in this consultation by reading this paper and responding to the questions contained therein and/or providing relevant feedback concerning a lobbyist code of conduct.