The Reports section of our website contains the most recent reports issued by the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists. Use the navigation bar to your left to review current and past reports, including:

Annual reports of the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists, which must be tabled in the BC Legislature.

Investigation reports of non-compliance, which are posted on the website. Where there is a compelling public interest, the Registrar can publish an investigation report with a finding of compliance.

Reconsideration reports are decisions by the Registrar in response to requests for an appeal by individuals who have been found in contravention of the Lobbyists Transparency Act. The individual may request a reconsideration of the ORL’s findings in the investigation report and/or of any administrative monetary penalty imposed.

Special reports issued by the Registrar of Lobbyists pertaining to lobbying and the Lobbyists Transparency Act.