Organizations Resources for filers

The “designated filer” is the most senior paid person in the organization and is legally responsible for registering all in-house lobbyists every six months, if the organization meets the criteria for registration.

Read on for information about the registration requirements and tips on how to comply with the law.

This infographic will help you determine if you are required to register with the Lobbyists Registry.
If an employee in your organization, either alone or together with other employees, lobbies at least 100 hours in a previous 12-month period, the organization must register. This advisory bulletin provides more clarity around the 100 hours threshold.
A BCeID, administered by government, is required to access the Lobbyists Registry for registration purposes.
Exemption review process for former public office holders.
Read more about the registration requirements and print out a copy of the Quick Tips guide.
If you are STUMPED by some of the terms in the legislation or in the Lobbyists Registry, the attached document is a must-read.