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Does your organization have at least one paid employee, officer or director who lobbies on behalf of your organization or an affiliate?

Under the Lobbyists Transparency Act, the most senior paid officer of an organization is responsible for registering the organization’s lobbying activities in the BC Lobbyists Registry.

See below for information on the reporting requirements for organizations that lobby, along with guidance on how to create an account, manage Registration Returns and file Lobbying Activity Reports. For more information and step-by-step guidance, please see the Guidance Documents page.

This guide answers common questions about lobbying in BC, including when and how lobbyists need to register with the BC Lobbyists Registry.
This guidance document provides an overview for organizations with in-house lobbyists under the LTA.
This guidance document helps not-for-profit organizations better understand their obligations under the LTA and the LTA Regulation.
The Organizations Registration Returns user guide will walk you through step by step how to create and manage Registration Returns.
The Monthly Returns and Lobbying Activity Reports user guide sets out the Monthly Return requirements for consultant lobbyists with active registrations in the BC Lobbyists Registry.
Designated filers must register lobbying activities in the Lobbyists Registry within certain timelines. Check out the Registration Timelines infographic to find out more about the LTA’s 10, 15, and 30-day requirements.